About Us

The founder and class instructor, Christian Tharp, had the incredible experience of being able to meet, teach, and coach more than 5,000 students from around the globe. As a technical analyst and Chartered Market Technician (CMT), he helped them learn the fundamentals of the stock market (portfolio strategies, financial trends, and behaviours), how to read stock charts (candlestick charting, portfolio strategies, and futures forecasting), hone their skills in recognising great opportunities, and develop the foundation for their future financial independence.

All his teachings are specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of accessibility to the stock market for beginners, intermediates, advanced traders, and young and old alikeā€”all are welcome! He gives one-on-one learning, coaching, and feedback in a private environment to build an understanding of the fundamentals and his students’ confidence in their trading strategies and stop-loss plans.

He has also founded and operated numerous small businesses across various industries. He is also a contributing writer for the Adam Mesh Trading Group, Yolo Publishing, and Stocknews.ai, the Today’s Big Stock newsletter, among others.

He has written thousands of articles and newsletters detailing the latest technical analysis of stocks and has appeared as a guest on multiple outlets, including Google Finance, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch.

Chartered Market Technician

Awarded to technical analysts (chartists) by the CMT Association, those who earn a CMT demonstrate mastery of investment risk in portfolio management, quantitative approaches to market research and rule-based trading system design and testing.

Our Commitment

At The Chartist Academy, you will never find fads or get-rich quick schemes. We teach you the simple and repeatable fundamentals of successful trading.