Options 102

This course builds upon our Options 101 course. Students will learn multi-leg strategies that can increase the probability of successful trades while allowing you to capitalize on more challenging market environments. We highly encourage completing our Options 101 course before participating in Options 102. We work with your schedule for class dates and times. Our professionally guided class sessions take place virtually, from the comfort of anywhere you are.

Options 102 Course

  • Designed for students who have basic knowledge and experience trading options.
  • The Options 102 course includes four individual class sessions to educate students on combining long and short calls and puts with more complex strategies.
  • Learn advanced strategies to mitigate losses, increase win ratios, and to increase profitability in any market situation.
  • Learn about credit spreads, diagonal spreads, iron condors, straddles and strangles and when to use them to make money in any market.
  • Get coaching and immediate feedback.
  • We highly recommend completing our Options 101 course before participating in Options 102.
  • 1-to-1 instruction
  • Guided learning that is conducted virtually for each session.

(4) Classes

Guided learning experience, taught virtually, via Zoom.

Includes Options 102 Terms & Definitions Cheat Sheet

(4) Pre-Class Video Tutorials

Self-directed pre-session content, to review at your own pace before each class.

(2) Months' Access

to weekly Live Market Roundup Zooms

(2) Months' Trade Support

via email.

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