Dr. Joe

I have traded for income for over 40 years now. I started with covered calls for income in my

Profit Sharing Trust, IRA, and personal accounts and progressed accordingly. I have had multiple advisory and training services, including those from the Najarian brothers and the Motley Fool. None of these has given me the education and more importantly, the profits I have received with AMTG. Christian Tharp, in particular, has become my guru. He has educated me on rule-based trading as well as general options market education. The FP and TP services, in particular, have been exceptional. I have been with these services since their inception and have profited handsomely. I have made over $50,000.00 in these two services, often trading Christian’s “unofficial recommendations” given prior to the “official group trades.” Under Christian’s guidance, I have become an even more seasoned veteran, capable of managing my own trades better. I will have Christian as my guide as long as I trade.