The Chartist Academy’s flagship options trading service, VolaciTrader, capitalizes on market volatility and favorable risk versus reward setups. Long call and put options are leveraged for short term swing trades.

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We don’t hide behind a website in another state or country. We live in Columbus, OH and love supporting our community.


The VolaciTrader approach is simple yet highly informative.


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No long-term contracts means you can stop the service anytime.

  • Motivated options traders reaching for the next level of their trading, or those just getting started, will love our simple methodology.
  • Traders interested in strengthening their technical analysis will appreciate our simple approach.
  • No previous options trading knowledge or experience is required.
  • VolaciTrader can help traders struggling with any of the following: over-trading, poor risk management, dangerous position sizing, paralysis by analysis, and lack of technical analysis skills.
  • Call and Put Options on Common Stock and ETFs
  • Swing Trading: Market volatility dictates what strategy we use and the duration of our trades. However, this service is geared towards weekly options held for multiple days.
  • Risk vs Reward: VolaciTrader does not depend on complex options strategies or Options Greeks. Instead, the focus is simply on good technical setups providing the best risk vs reward opportunities.
  • Which securities do we trade? Generally, the leaders and most liquid stock names, with heightened volatility, commonly in the tech space. When applicable, trade signals could include market or sector ETFs. EX: SPY/QQQ/XLY/GLD


Tutorial details what traders need to know to trade successfully using this service.

(4) Options Prep

These tutorials are included with our Options 101 course and explain the basic options trading strategy that VolaciTrader leverages.

Weekly Market
Rundown Webinar

Every Friday, tune in LIVE to hear an analysis of the market, trade ideas, and VolaciTrade trade rationales. Live participants can ask questions and all webinars are recorded.

Live Trade

Real time trade alerts use the Telegram app and include entry and exit prices. Trades can be issued any day of the week but most are midweek.


Get answers to your trading questions.

Monthly Member Mixers
(coming in 2023)

Exclusive private mixers at The Trade Lab provide networking and socializing opportunities with our founder and fellow members. Drinks and light refreshments included.

  • I am new to options trading. Where should I start? Join The Chartist Academy at one of our FREE Chartist Academy Chats to learn more and for guidance based on your specific trading goals. Click HERE to learn more about upcoming events!
  • Do you offer a trial? We do not offer a free trial. However, our VolaciTrader service equips members with education and support every step of the way, and our month-to-month plan allows you to stop at any time.
  • How much do I need to get started? Everyone’s portfolio size and risk tolerance is different. Reach out to Christian and he will guide you.
  • Does VolaciTrader issue day trades or longer-term trades? The market dictates trading strategies to maximize profits. However, VolaciTrader tends to leverage longer-term trades.
  • Do you share recommended entry and exit prices for trades? Yes, recommended entry and exit prices are included.

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